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2011 Tornado in Arab, Alabama

Tornado in Ruth, AL

Video of tornado filmed from Ruth, Alabama. I was on one side of tornado, and Melanie Owen filmed this video from the opposite side. This is very similar to the view I had from my location. I couldn't see the tornado on the ground, but I could clearly see it over the trees. I could feel the strong inflow and the house creaked due to the changes in pressure. As the storm approached, the ground rumbled and you could feel the vibrations from all of the debris slamming back into the ground.

Watch video of tornado on YouTube

Arab, Alabama

We have 75 photographs of the tornado aftermath. You can step through them one at a time or watch a video we made from the photos. NOTE: There are no captions or audio for this video slideshow.

A video slideshow of the tornado damage around Arab: Damage video on YouTube.com

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