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Clever Things, LLC is an Entertainment and Information Omnimedia Company

NOTICE: We can not in good conscience generate tax revenue to support the current United States administration, so we have put all of our business development efforts on hold as long as the USA is behaving like a fascist theocracy. We're currently exploring other countries in which we can relocate to and where we can continue to contribute to a civil society.

Current Projects

Clever People Social Networking

Nightlife In Atlanta Entertainment

No Caveat Security - CyberSecurity

Pride Against Prejudice™ Book & Movie

Clever Things Omnimedia

Gary Wright II's Biography

Project Incubator


Using AI to Automate the Dialogue Animation of 3D Mesh Character Models

In Development

"Of the People, By the People, For the People!"

In Production

Engineering Research & Development

In Production

The Wright Perspective™

Gary Wright II's Video Blog

1st Quarter 2019 - Jerks Don't Get Laid!™

Jerks Don't Get Laid! - a project to change social misbehavior.

1st Quarter 2019


Clever News Network

2nd Quarter 2020


3D Animated LGBTQ Series

3rd Quarter 2020


Artists & Repertoire Services

1st Quarter 2020

Clever Gift Ideas - E-commerce

1st Quarter 2021

Clever Gift Ideas - E-commerce

1st Quarter 2021