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Cherokee DNA

One Blood, One People, One Nation

On February 28th, 2008, I introduced the One Blood, One People, One Nation campaign as a fair plan to re-unite the tribes of all Native Americans. Cherokee DNA at CleverThings.com/people/Cherokee/ - One People One Blood One Nation

I request that the tribal council and leadership of every Native American nation will consider and adopt the following policy:

Please re-open your tribal rolls for new membership, and from this day forward, accept any person into the tribe who establishes their heritage through the scientific examination of their DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

This method is the only fair and objective means of judging blood relationships. Our modern scientific methods of investigation have now evolved to the point that all disputes of lineage, blood quantum, and true heritage of a person can finally be solved.

I ask that these tests be used only for inclusion of new tribal members, and not the exclusion of any tribal members who have already obtained their citizenship of a tribal nation.

-- Gary Wright II

Unfortunately, this proposal was rejected by all of the tribal councils. I can't think of any other fair way to do it. I hope that one day the Cherokee leaders will support the idea of a reunited nation. We are one blood and one people. We should be one nation.

Tribe Members: If you think this policy should be adopted - talk to the leaders of your tribe!

Note: There have been several recent breakthroughs in DNA research. Although there is not a single test to narrow lineage down to a specific tribe, it is possible to prove a relationship to a know tribal member.