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Clever Things, LLC is an Entertainment and Information Omnimedia Company

Current Projects

Clever Things Omnimedia

Gary Wright II's Biography

STATUS UPDATE: We'll be relocating back to Atlanta in 2019! All of our projects have been put on hold while we're preparing for the move. Our company Clever Things, LLC will be re-launched once we get settled in, and the next project in our queue will be and then followed by the production of the movie Pride Against Prejudice.

Project Incubator

Nightlife In Atlanta Entertainment

2nd Quarter 2019

Pride Against Prejudice™ Book & Movie

4th Quarter 2019

Clever People Social Networking

1st Quarter 2020

The Wright Perspective™

Gary Wright II's Video Blog

2nd Quarter 2020


3D Animated LGBTQ Series

3rd Quarter 2020


Clever News Network

4th Quarter 2020


Artists & Repertoire Services

1st Quarter 2021

Clever Gift Ideas - E-commerce

2nd Quarter 2021

Clever Gift Ideas - E-commerce

2nd Quarter 2021

Engineering Research & Development

In Production